VIDOMET S.A., employs 30 persons, divided into the following categories:
- Executives 4
- Technicians 2
- Production 22
- Sales (Athens and Thessaloniki) 2



The company’s facilities are located on privately owned ground of 50.000 sqm , of which the enclosed factory space is 8.000 sqm approximately. Of this 7.000 sqm is allocated to production and 1.000 sqm to storage.

The company’s equipment is compound and effective. It includes 12 multi-station cold forging machines of total power 1300 HP, heat treatment furnace (tempering – normalizing), hot dip galvanize plant and also a fully automatic electroplating plant. For the support of production there is a fully equipped machine shop with experienced technicians.



The company’s production capacity amounts to 5.000 tonnes of fastening material annually. This capability applies to the complete  range of the company products.




Among to the customers of VIDOMET are the biggest organizations in Greece, in the area of Telecommunications, Power, Transport, State projects etc.The company distributes a smaller range of products to the market via it’s industrial distributors and wholesalers.