Manufacturing Process

Production procedure

Our production cycle is monitored thoroughly so high quality standards will be applied for our products. Every procedure of our production cycle is pre-designed, checked and tested and all our production process from the raw material to packing and delivery to our customers is recorded in every detail.

The production stages are:


- Wire Rod Pickling and phosphatation.




- Wire Rod drawing  for uniform diameter
-Forging in multi station machines




-Heat treatment in order to gain the necessary mechanical properties.



-Surface Coating with  hot dip galvanizing  or electroplating





-Packing according the customers specifications  or
-Standard packing   for immediate distribution.







One of the main goals of the company is to adopt the most modern technologies in order to increase it's productivity and to continually improve all factors affecting the quality of it's final product. The management  employs an 'open door' policy with respect to it's personnel thereby discussing all serious propositions, ideas, methologies and innovations which may improve output, increase quality, enhance the working environment and reduce company costs.Already, as of June 1998 an electroplating plant has been installed with the intent of improving and differentiating the company's product range.