Quality System

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The company applies a product and service quality system to all stages of production from the raw materials to packing and delivery, according to the demands of the International ISO 9001 standards.
VIDOMET S.A. uses documented working instructions, which analytically describe the means,  criteria and corrective actions required in order to eliminate the possibility producing non-conformity products. Specifically attention is given to:
- Inspection of all incoming material for fitness.
- Close inspection of all the stages of production.
- Maintenance of quality records to avoid future mistakes and to achieve complete traceability of the products at all production stages.
- Checking and measuring equipment, identified and stamped for the credibility of measurements.
- Programmed maintenance of production equipment.
- Continual training and updating of our executive and technical staff on matters of quality.


Already since February 1997 VIDOMET S.A. is holder of the ISO 9001 certificate, awarded by the internationally accredited organization «BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL (BVQI).» (Renewed at 23/06/2012).








As part of the continuous improvement of environmental protection and occupational health and safety of employees, the company operates a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2004, which applies to all activities that take place in the factory of the company and in particular in the manufacture and process of all forms of screws and bolts.